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Beaujolais Panforte

Nan’s is proud to offer the fine line of panforte from Beaujolais,
an artisanal gourmet food producer in California’s beautiful wine country!

You may know of panforte as an Italian confection - it's a traditional chewy dessert
containing fruits and nuts. Its origin dates to the Middle Ages,
and the Crusaders were known to carry the durable round disks wrapped in
rice paper with them on marches. Many believe it was first created in Sienna, Italy.

Beaujolais Panforte is rich, thick and gooey, full of nuts, honey, citrus and spices.
Usually a small wedge is served with coffee or a dessert wine after a meal, though
some enjoy it with their coffee at breakfast. We recommend using it alongside a
charcuterie plater, with cheeses, and a glass of sparkling wine.
Port or cognac work well too.

Beaujolais Panforte are offed in quarter wedges in three flavors, 11 ounces each.

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Beaujolais Almond Panforte
Beaujolais Panforte - Almond
Price: $16.00
Beaujolais Panforte - Almond
Panforte is called a 'slice of heaven', and we wholeheartedly agree. This version of the Italian confection is Beaujolais's almond flavor, thick & rich and loaded with nuts, honey, citrus and spices.
Beaujolais Hazelnut Panforte
Beaujolais Panforte - Hazelnut
Price: $16.00
Beaujolais Panforte - Hazelnut
This is the Beaujolais Hazelnut version of the Italian confection, thick & rich and loaded with hazelnuts, honey, citrus and spices. It too is a slice of heaven, made in the California wine country.
Beaujolais Panpepato Panforte
Beaujolais Panforte - Panpepato
Price: $16.00
Beaujolais Panforte - Panpepato
In Italian, panpepato means 'peppered bread', much like gingerbread. Beaujolais' 'Panpepato' version of their fabulous panforte is a delightful & unexpected combination of almonds, hazelnuts and a touch of black pepper. Finally, it is dusted with cocoa.
Beaujolais Panforte - You Pick Three!
Beaujolais Panforte - You Pick Three!
Retail Price: $48.00
Price: $45.00
You Save: $3.00
Beaujolais Panforte - You Pick Three!
Want a variety? Can't decide which flavor? Here is your chance to choose any combination of three, and save a couple bucks!
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