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An overabundance of chili peppers grown in a San Jose backyard garden turned out to be a happy
accident for the rest of us foodies - Oso Pepper Company was born.  From a mere hobby to a
highly sought-after condiment, the Verret family took those extra peppers and created their
flagship Chili Sauce and Surf Sauce.  Today they produce four amazing sauces, and have a legion of
fans who seek them at some of the best street festivals and farmer’s markets in California.

What we love about Oso Pepper Company most is their philosophy.  Instead of simply a ‘hot’ sauce
that ‘put’s your mouth on fire’, they were looking for something more.  They wanted the sauces
to convey flavor - especially the taste of the pepper itself.

We are proud to offer Oso Pepper Company’s iconic chili sauces here on Nan’s Gourmet online
grocery.  As you know, we seek the best of every gourmet category.  We couldn’t have found a
better line of ‘hot sauces’ to offer you.

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Oso Pepper Company Chili Sauce
Cry Out! 5-Pepper Chili Sauce
Price: $8.00
Cry Out! 5-Pepper Chili Sauce
This is Oso Pepper Company's signature product, folks. The 5-Pepper is a blend of habanero, red jalapeno, serrano, chipotle & red bell. This unique & healthy chili sauce provides a vibrant mix of pepper flavors followed by the growing sensation of heat.
Oso Pepper Company Mumbai Sun Curry Sauce
Cry Out! Mumbai Sun Spicy Curry Hot Sauce
Price: $8.00
Cry Out! Mumbai Sun Spicy Curry Hot Sauce
A recent & brilliant addition to the Oso family, their new Mumbai Sun sauce brings the sweet heat of well-balanced curry with long lingering heat. This exotic sauce balances the bold spices of South Asia with red jalapeno & Trinidad Scorpion chilies.
Oso Pepper Company Sriracha Sauce
Cry Out! Sriracha Chili Sauce
Price: $8.00
Cry Out! Sriracha Chili Sauce
If there is a more popular product than sriracha on the gourmet food market today, we don't know what it is! This is Oso Pepper's take on the product, and it is all about freshness. Complex chili flavors first, followed by the late assertive heat.
Oso Pepper Company Surf Sauce
Cry Out! Surf Sauce
Price: $8.00
Cry Out! Surf Sauce
This amazing sauce will evoke Baja street taco's or a Jamican beach grill - sweet tangy tropical notes with a cool spicy punch. Oso Pepper Company's Surf Sauce is a combination of mango, pineapple, habanero & Red Fresno chilies. Sweet/hot lovers rejoice!
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